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Quality is not just a word for us but we try our level best to take all the relevant measures required to maintain high quality standards in the product line in tune with the global parameters. Quality as an integral part of our company, associated with every single aspect in the business operations from sourcing basic material, chemical testing, designing, fabrication, polishing to giving final touch to the Handicrafts and Jewelery items.

Assured Quality

Indian Fashion Mart Kenway Sartaj Worldwide, an ISO 9001:20015 certified company has earned great reputation due to our impeccable quality fashion accessories and jewelry. All our products are created after intensive market analysis and requirements of our clients, in order to offer most quality driven and cost effective collection.

Our Story

One day in 1999, as the owner was driving home from his Pharmaceutical Business, out of nowhere, he profoundly understood that it is his solitary life and that there cannot be a different life to live. He was a pharmacist as well as had been prospering from the diseases of Individuals, which constantly used to prick him somewhere inside. In addition, for quite a long time, he had been going around his generalized existence with no innovative endeavor. He halted, took a full breath and chose to re-direct his life. Be it salad carving for the table of food or wrapping a gift, inventiveness has constantly invigorated him and he concluded that he will take up just innovative work and gain from the satisfaction of individuals. 

So In 1999, he began a small scale handicraft workshop to create chess coins in his garage in Amritsar and eventually, moved lock, barrel and stock to Moradabad, the city of Brass in India where he began from scratch, step-by-step constructing the Handiwork unit and consequently, creating specialization in Catholic Church Items and Fashion Jewelry. 

That is how, our company officially began as an exporter in August 2002. From that point forward, Kenway Sartaj Worldwide keeps on being effectively occupied with the export and manufacturing of Handmade Handicrafts and Jewelry in various segments of the world. In just about 2 decades, we have earned expertise in supplying, manufacturing and exporting a broad Catholic Church Items, Handicrafts, Fashion Jewelry and Handcrafted Costume, which are solely created by our adroit workers and Craftsmen. 

We are a registered and authorized company in India with export permit given by the Govt. of India as well as have all the important accreditation needed for operating the business legitimately. As a dependable corporate resident, we unequivocally have confidence in embracing processes that are powered by intact quality administration.

Product Range
Moradabad, the Brass City is acknowledged for its Metal Handicrafts. Our company is a cottage industry with a group of Ace craftsmen and artisans, who carefully handcraft the items in our compact yet adequately furnished manufacturing unit. Besides, our imaginative drive and devoted staff has improved our mastery in the production of Fashion Jewelry and related items. To fulfill the fluctuated prerequisites of our worldwide customers, we make our range with inventive utilization of material that helps in upgrading its finish standards and general quality. This range incorporates the below-mentioned products: 

Hand Made Fashion Jewelry

  • Brass Jewelry
    • Bone & Horn Jewelry
    • Mother of Pearl Jewelry
    • Resin Jewelry
    • Leather Jewelry
    • Mixed Metal Jewelry
    • Natural Wooden Jewelry

  • Brass Bangles & Wrist/ arm cuffs
    • Bone & Horn Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Mother of Pearl Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Resin Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Leather Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Mixed Metal Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Natural Wooden Bangles & Wrist Cuffs
    • Hand painted wooden Bangles & Wrist Cuffs

  • Brass Necklaces & Pendants
    • Bone & Horn Necklaces & Pendants
    • Mother of Pearl Necklaces & Pendants
    • Resin Necklaces & Pendants
    • Leather Necklaces & Pendants
    • Mixed Metal Necklaces & Pendants
    • Natural Wooden Necklaces & Pendants
    • Hand painted wooden Necklaces & Pendants

  • Brass Earrings
    • Bone & Horn Earrings
    • Mother of Pearl Earrings
    • Resin Earrings
    • Leather Earrings
    • Mixed Metal Earrings
    • Natural Wooden Earrings
    • Hand painted Wooden Earrings

  • Brass Brooches & Accessories
    • Bone & Horn Buttons
    • Mother of Pearl Buttons
    • Resin Buttons
    • Other Accessories
    • Other Accessories
    • Natural Wooden Hair clips & Sticks

We take up projects to create personalized designs and Private Label manufacturing of Catholic church Items, for example, 

Catholic Church Items

Candle Stands & Alter crosses

Alter Bells


Thuribles and boats

Ewers and Basins


Bishop's items

Baptism sets and Holy oil stocks

Sanctuary lamps

Blessing items

Miniature church Items & prayer articles for Home schooling


Our items are comprised of variegated materials that go through various manufacturing procedures requiring ACE aptitudes and appropriate operational infrastructural unit. For this reason, we have a small yet fittingly furnished assembling unit that has all the courtesies needed for effective and faultless manufacturing. We have built up the ability and essential foundation where all the operations occur. Other than assembling Handicraft items, we have installed fundamental apparatuses utilized for different purposes such as polishing, etching, and fixing of adorning material accurately. We fabricate the items in mass quantity and try to fulfill the order timelines viably. 

It empowers us to make the most designer and restrictive assortment of items. Our unit has personalized designing facilities and tools to fulfill the quantitative and subjective requirements of our customers. An ideal amalgamation of designing abilities, adept craftsmanship, machinery, and manual tools, assists us in making an in-vogue assortment of items that effectively comply with global standards. 

Every single Jewelry is effectively packed. Besides, the export worth packaging facility guarantees that products never get damaged in standard transportation.

Guaranteed Quality and Service
Kenway Sartaj Worldwide, an ISO 9001:2015 affirmed company, has gained a good notoriety because of its immaculate quality fashion Jewelry and Accessories. We deliberately continue creating new items subsequent to analyzing the color and fashion forecasts. As to offer the most quality driven and savvy assortment, our items are made after serious statistical surveying, safety examination and prerequisites of our customers. The quality compliance has been a solid-ground in the worldwide market. Quality is not only a word for us yet we try to take all the significant measures to keep up excellent standards in the product offering in line with the worldwide parameters. Quality as a fundamental segment of our company, related with every aspect in the business functions from sourcing essential material, fabrication, chemical testing, polishing, designing to giving last touch to the Jewelry Items and handicrafts. This strategy of quality checks assists us in achieving optimum fulfillment of the clients.

Despite the fact that our items are hand-made through manual systems yet they have ideal quality over machine-composed items. Aside from concentrating on the items, we additionally concentrate on the nature of our services such as rendering personalization as well as guaranteeing on-time and safe order delivery on which the general deal success depends. This likewise assists us in setting up strong and affirmative relations with the customers.

Our Philosophy and Team
We have embraced six exceptionally adequate universal qualities such as integrity, determination, pride, commitment, spirit and passion. Some instructional courses are held for the workers  in which they obtain  in-house training from experts, who endeavor to make them to exceed expectations in whatever they do. Besides, these are not unimportant words but rather our company strictly tries them. Therefore, we have made wonderful progress in achieving work fulfillment and expanding the proficiency of our human asset. 

Our team of craftsmen and representatives, who are satisfactorily talented and segment of executing orders alongside magnificent outcomes in quality, shipping and manufacturing have ensued in us securing a splendid notoriety among our purchasers. 

Our company is SEDEX SMETA Social Compliant Unit and completely dedicated to the government assistance of our laborers and Craftsmen, who are the spirit and encapsulation of our prosperity since we make it with the goal that they to get optimum satisfaction from their work then channel that positive feedback into the entirety of our Handcrafted Items.

Greatness in Consumer loyalty

By delivering stylish Jewelry and Costumes in the economy and high-tier strata, our company had secured the trust of Significant brands and volume purchasers universally. We are reliably making new relationship with the clients and simultaneously, concentrating on the inclination of existing customers. Moreover, we are appreciative to our clients for being an extraordinary support and inspirational factor for us. 

We endeavor to give clear communication and brief responses, which has consistently helped us to keep up a superior interface with the purchasers.

Research and Development

We have a newly made department, solely for New Product Development that consistently works on the statistical surveying of the market. We scrupulously adhere to the Data from WGSN- the worldwide trends authority. The designing team of Export promotion board for Handicrafts routinely arranges communication on forecasts and trends that empower us to translate them with ideal understanding. Supported by these Data sources, our imaginative motivation likewise encourages us to make items that are popular and contemporary as well as driven by a story and theme that adequately shows the Craftsmanship of Handmade items.

Why Us?

Several Key aspects, which have given us an edge over different contenders are referenced below: 

  • Saving the Specialty of Customary craftsmanship and carefully Made Jewelries 
  • Inventive designs and wide scope of Items 
  • Clear and Brief communication 
  • Veritable and reasonable costs 
  • Take small orders
  • Flawless quality 
  • Convenient delivery of orders
  • All-around designated unit 
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Unit that adheres to quality management systems
  • A SEDEX- SMETA Socially Compliant Unit 
  • A Bradstreet and Dunn affirmed company
  • Intact customer loyalty

We are looking inquiries only from foreign countries such as USA, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom etc.
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